Amazon became the world’s most valuable brand with 42 percent annual growth and a. Valuation of $150.8 billion. According to the global 500 study prepared by. Brand finance, amazon became the most valuable brand in the world. Registering an annual growth of 42 percent and reaching .A valuation of 150 thousand 800 million dollars .Thanks to these figures, the e-commerce giant has taken the. Crown from google within this list. Although apple managed to. Hold on to second place on the list, the online search giant dropped .Two places from first to third even as its brand value grew from $109.47 billion to $120.911 billion. Another piece of information that is interesting within this. Study is the position of facebook, a company that. Although it gained four places (from ninth to fifth position) and had a. Brand value of 89 thousand 684 million dollars.

Amazon Became the World’s Most Valuable Brand With

Thanks to the fact that the korean firm is in fourth position (after it was placed in sixth in. The 2017 edition) with a value of 92 thousand 289 million dollars. Two in Buy Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Numbers battle just from advertising? Understanding the. Position that each brand occupies within listings of .This nature is important since they function as a. Benchmark to recognize the level of influence that firms have in the. Market. The phenomenon is especially visible in. The digital environment. In this way. It is worth focusing on what happened between amazon and google. On more than one occasion, the power that the company led by jeff bezos has to. Become the great leader of the digital age has been mentioned.

Although Apple Managed to Hold on to Second Place on the List

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Even when Google seems to dominate more than one field in which both companies compete. amazon prime More than half of US consumers conduct product searches online within Amazon, compared to 28 percent on search engines and 16 percent on retail sites. Just remember the battle between Amazon Echo and Google Home, personal voice assistants that seek to democratize the use of artificial intelligence in the home. According to the English newspaper, The Guardian, Amazon launched the product two years before Google, in 2014, and it is estimated that it has sold about 12 million devices since then, unlike Google Home, which came out in 2016 and which it has managed to sell less than a million devices in less than a year. If it dominates the voice market by 2018.

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