Although amazon does not offer large-scale banking services in the united states. More than 33 million people use its payment system. It is Colombia B2B List no secret to anyone that amazon is one of .The most powerful firms in the world, whose leadership transcends other fields .Far from the field of e-commerce. Some figures make clear the position of this company. Amazon was founded in 1994 by jeff bezos. Has annual sales of more than 107 billion dollars and .Has 230 thousand employees . The main business area for said company .Is its e-commerce service, whose good performance allows the. Firm to be the most valuable retailer in the world. With an estimated value of 98 thousand 998 million dollars . According to kantar mill ward brown. However, there are other little-known business areas .That are beginning to be important for the company’s business. Such as iaas cloud solutions, a market in which.

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Followed by IBM (with 10.4 percent) , Google -as a business unit of Alphabet- (4.7 percent) and AT&T (4.3 percent) . Amazon earns around 9.6 billion dollars a year in revenue from such cloud services and infrastructure, which indicates, according to data from FactSet, that the operating margin of this business increased by 31.6 percent. amazon Everything indicates that Amazon is seeking to replicate these good results in other lines of business in which the possible development of a financial institution or a bank seems to be increasingly a Colombia B2B List reality. As indicated by CB Insights projections, the movements that the “Goliath” of e-commerce has made in markets such as India or Mexico reveal possible intentions to consolidate a line of business oriented towards the provision of banking services.

The New Financial Firms Shaping the Fintech Industry Could Be

Colombia B2B List

In these countries, Bezos’s firm offers unique payment services, while maintaining contact with financial technology startups for investments and acquisitions. To be specific, in India, Amazon has a cash withdrawal service that allows customers to Colombia B2B List load money into a digital wallet, while it has acquired or made deals with startups like Emvantage Payments and BankBazaar . For Mexico, the cash payment service as well as the purchase of physical cards to buy online are positioned as an alternative to the credit or debit card. With this in mind.

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