According to e marketer, 21 percent of Mexicans frequently accessed at least one app. An average just below the 34 percent of Brazilians. Mexico ranks second in the use of mobile device applications. In latin america, a market with revenues of 2.1 billion dollars. According to e marketer, 21 percent of mexicans frequently accessed. At least one app, an average just below the 34 percent of brazilians. In the world. Downloads of CMO Email Lists mobile applications in .The ios and google play stores reached 26 billion, according to .The american consultancy app annie, which represents an 8 percent growth in its use.

According to Emarketer, 21 Percent of Mexicans Accessed

And it is that they are currently used for everything, listening to music Spotify, iTunes. Ordering food (overeats, rapid), etc. Even as a contraceptive. 00:08 / 00:15 natural cycles is one of the most popular apps in this sense. With 600 thousand users in CMO Email Lists the world the application indicates that it is 99 percent safe so that they do not get pregnant. Following its recommendations 100 percent, since it issues alerts such as “You can’t have sex now.” however.

And It Is That Currently They Are Used For EverythingListening to Music

CMO Email Lists

and upon detailed investigation, they found one constant: the app. So, members of the hospital alerted the Swedish Medical Products Agency about the cases, so that it can take action. Meanwhile, Natural Cycles argued that all contraceptive devices have risks, through a statement:No contraceptive is 100 percent safe, and unwanted pregnancies are an CMO Email Lists unfortunate risk with any method. Thus, it remains “on the table” that technology companies can also present flaws in their products or services, so the consumer must be aware of their share of responsibility.

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