We have set up a new agency to improve diversity in our Kuwait Phone Number List company,” writes Henk Hokke. “The salt. This focuses purely on the niche of Christian target groups. It arose spontaneously, an initiative of two Christian colleagues. That did raise eyebrows in the beginning”, Henk said. His agency mainly works for regional clients. More reactions came from the Christian Kuwait Phone Number List quarter. But, on closer inspection, they were not allowed to be used in this article. Sensitivities everywhere. “For example, for (Reformation) Christians, it is absolutely no advertisement if a company puts up a sign that says ‘open on Sunday’”, someone says. “In some places you put off more customers with a sign like that than you gain.

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If a religious orientation leads to a completely different Kuwait Phone Number tone and language, then we miss the point much more often than we might have thought. Monoculture leads to a form of group ignorance. In our view, the pursuit of more diversity is therefore not about an ideology or a shiny happy image of humanity, but about effectiveness, professionalism. Get to know your Kuwait Phone Number List target groups optimally in order to be able to help them properly. What conclusions and advice can we glean from all the reactions and conversations? A few conclusions from the contributions. It takes guts It is always more hassle to build diversity than to maintain a safe monoculture.

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The chief is more at risk of tension in the team. Whoever chooses Kuwait Phone Number List to appoint a very deaf elderly person, instead of that nice enthusiastic guy with that beard, makes it more difficult for himself anyway. So diversity requires guts: not only from the people who have to conquer their place, but especially from those who have to let the team function optimally. Diversity is Kuwait Phone Number List not for the faint of heart. Absent leadership makes it more difficult When people keep each other’s hands above their heads, quality is the first victim. In practice we often see that teams mainly ‘do it together’. A lot is being drained in this country, so also in the world of communication. ‘We always discuss this in the group’, I often hear it said when I do a training or coaching process somewhere.

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