By thinking ambitiously Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! At the end of the year, many service managers determine which new KPIs they want to work on over the next twelve months. And while an incremental improvement in your call center metrics or a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) are fine goals in themselves, they won’t drastically change your customer experience. To provide exceptional customer service , set an ambitious goal that your employees and customers will love and then fearlessly pursue.

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Goal for your team is not to look at your NPS scores, your KPIs and your PowerPoint performances, but to focus completely on the customer. What does it take to give every customer we serve such a great experience that they will tell everyone about it? That is the starting point for your Egypt Phone Number List ambitious goal. For example, give customers something they really didn’t see coming. Take the pet supply seller who sends a condolence card when a customer’s pet has pass away. Who expects something like that from an online store? Nobody right? And that’s exactly why people share things like that on social mia: they feel seen by a brand that shows genuine interest.

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Brand always responds in the same meaningless way, you think: this company sees me as a number, not as a person. You don’t achieve customer loyalty that way.” For example, remember how countless brands went on and on about the “unprecent times” we liv in at the start Consumer Lead of the pandemic? That empty phrase thus grew into a true cliché. Seeing each brand respond in the same bland way over and over again makes you think, “This company sees me as a number, not a person.” This is not how you achieve customer loyalty and exceptional service.

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