Currently, digital sales have been showcases of action for brands. Which are looking for spaces to promote their connection in. The field that is most used by users: digital. However, advertising alternatives are constantly pressing to occupy. To a greater extent, Facebook and google. Since they are the largest generators of space. Since they have orientation, and everyone uses them. At this point, it is a fact that these dominate .Advertising in the digital environment. According to visual capitalist, facebook and google control more. Than half of the advertising market, with 57.6 percent worldwide. Data from expanded ramblings indicates that, in markets like the united states.

Currently, Digital Sales Have Been Showcases of Action for

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has 41 percent of companies within the platform. Statista expects digital advertising revenue worldwide to. Grow at a rapid rate in the Buy Paraguay WhatsApp Numbers coming years. By 2021, a figure is projected. To rise to more than 330 billion dollars. With the penetration of the internet around the. World and the increasing popularity of digital platforms. Digital has become a necessity for most brands. However, the above statistics leave an open .Question what should digital marketers do? A positive way for any sales. Team to compete to develop their advertising investments, whether they are local.

Which Are Looking for Spaces to Promote Their Connection in

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Regional or national advertisers, is to significantly address targeting .Capabilities based on strategies that know how to take .Into account consumer demographics and behavior data. The solution is to make use of your own data and advertising. Data sources that are not generally taken. Into account. Facebook can help create custom audiences. Including emails, phone numbers, website traffic. App activity, and location-based audiences, plus at least a dozen other criteria. You can use Instagram, twitter and even snapchat. Since they provide similar functionality and being .Social networks with spaces for business. There are cost savings. Prioritize the use of social networks. Since the relevance of an audience reached by a campaign. On these channels increases participation and performance. The platforms enable real-time targeting of the.

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