In the “good old days”, you could log into your Google Analytics account and see what keywords your website visitors were typing into Greece Phone Number List search engines to land on your website. Know how a motivated real estate seller, rental property tenant, cash buyer, etc. landed on your website is a big deal. It shows you what is working on your real estate investing website to drive people to your site, what to keep focusing on, what to Greece Phone Number List stop doing you get the idea. But today your Google Analytics account may look a bit like this image below. I took this screenshot today on traffic from some of the recent organic search Now, before we dive deep hereI just want to let you know that this is not a new development .

How to Pull Some of Your Organic Keyword Data Into

It’s actually been since 2011, but many of our Investor Carrot clients have asked us how to find out what search terms their prospects are entering…and it’s the most important thing on your path right now to getting that data. In fact, according to Greece Phone Number one website up to 88% of organic search keyword data is deliberately hidden by Google (to force you to “pay to play”). Why isn’t Google Analytics showing me my organic search keyword data? Some time ago, Google implemented SSL encryption on all Google accounts. This means that if you’re signed in to Gmail, Google.

Set Up Google Analytics Tracking on Your Website

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In other words, you Tube, or any other Google service, your web searches are safe and won’t end up in analytics. What this means in terms of SEO keywords… is that you (as a searcher) don’t show up in analytics with the keywords you used in that search on the Greece Phone Number List websites you land on . Good for the privacy of the researcher… not good for us as online marketers. Rather than displaying SEO keyword data on what your website visitors typed into Google to find your site it lumps all those searches together into the “ (not provided) ” group. But, we have a simple trick for Carrot members to recover some of that missing data so you can find out Greece Phone Number List where more of your website visitors are coming from. It’s time to take some data. Let’s dive!

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