The average price per ad on facebook increased 43 percent during the last three months of last year. Yesterday facebook released its financial report for the .Last year and one of the most relevant data is the growth in revenue received in terms of advertising. According to said document, during the last quarter .Of 2017, facebook received 12 thousand 972 million dollars. More than 99 percent of that came from advertising. This means that every hour that passes. Facebook receives 5 million 939 thousand dollars from advertising. The figures are especially interesting if we consider the. Latest movements that the social network announced in its information delivery algorithm for its users. Modifications that, according to various specialists. Will increase the cost of its advertising solutions due to the reduction .In advertising space as well as the time that users will spend browsing within the social network.

Yesterday Facebook Released Its Financial Report for The

The last aspect that the company directed by mark Zuckerberg anticipates will happen. From adage they reveal that, for example. If the time spent by facebook users drops by 10 percent (which could happen in two months). The Buy Philippines WhatsApp Numbers price of ads per thousand impressions will rise 25 percent .This percentage could increase to 79 percent if the reduction in user browsing time fell to 20 percent. This will be a trigger for what many analysts have already predicted for .A few years: a leak of advertisers on facebook is in sight. The foregoing makes sense if we consider .That even when the latest changes to the algorithm are not deployed properly. The costs of ads on the social network already show a significant increase. Which is not justified by. The benefits that advertisers receive, at least in terms of impressions and reach.

The Figures Are Especially Interesting if We Consider the

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This is reported in a publication in marketing drive where it is indicated that the average price per. Ad on the social network increased 43 percent during the .Last three months of last year, a figure potentially greater than the 4 percent. Increase recorded by the number of impressions. Attributed to each performance of that nature. The relationship is effective for feed ads that ran on both facebook and instagram. By the change in the platform related to videos, pieces of content where those.

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