The impact of the language law on online sites The new draft law obliges the websites of companies that sell their products or services on the territory of Ukraine (Ukrainian or foreign) to create a Ukrainian-language version, which will be download by default for residents of the country both on the desktop and on mobile devices. It should contain no less content than other language versions of the resource. Client consultations must also be perform in Ukrainian (except for cases when the client personally asks you to serve him in another language). Law on language All advertising on the Internet (and not only), SMS and e-mails, chatbots must.

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The same applies to official pages in social networks. The bill was adopt back in April 2019. Already in July of the same year, it enter into force. The transition period Honduras Phone Number was 18 months and ends on January 16, 2021. During this time, it was necessary for the owners of the sites to create a Ukrainian-language version of the resource and completely switch to the Ukrainian language in advertising, as well as in social networks. This applies to the following resources: online stores and online catalogs that sell goods on the Internet or provide an opportunity to place an order.

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Websites of companies that offer services with the possibility to order them online. By July 16, 2022, other sites must also switch to Ukrainian, including: online mass mia; websites of state Consumer Lead and bodies; business pages in social networks; information resources; personal blogs. What are the risks of refusing to create a Ukrainian-language version of the site? Control and fines From January 2021, any user has the right to complain to you for violation or failure to comply with the bill describ above. Complaints are consider by the Ombudsman. It is to him that users should direct their complaints, because they cannot complain directly to the court.

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