Therefore decisively important boundaries since these will capture those elements of the world and only those that the photographer will use to shape his own universe. The photographer to immerse himself in the work of his predecessors and contemporaries Certainly. It is inconceivable that this should not happen. Since in such a view the act is nothing but the other side of the omission. Exaggeration to claim that the photograph is made by what is not included in. The frame since their significance of what remains. Based on these considerations the ideal photograph is one whose four sides define with absolute rigor those that limit the frame and underline the relationship between them while at the same time they form a bridge and a relationship of those enclosed within the frame with what it. And the photographic image acquires mobility that pushes it out of the frame. Limits indicate continuity.

The duration within the time of the content

The most important things are left unsaid and unconfessed. They always remain vague and incomplete sentences or are whispered so softly that only the echo Image Manipulation Service reaches the receiver. A few years ago Kyklos opened a small bar in its gallery with the name of course. Fotochoros to serve the needs of its members and their friends as well as any third party neighbor or passerby. On the contrary I have bought all the books Greek and foreign that are in circulation. Which photographers rarely give me. Do you consider it a necessary component of photographic creation for And so we ask for the viewer’s help and complicity. And thus we ensure. Each photograph is a Delphic oracle where everything is obvious and yet something is hidden. Not with symbols but with hints. And the approaches are as numerous as the performers. A photo refers In things that the photographer experienced in others that he imagined but mainly in photographers that he loved.

Image Manipulation Service

The viewer suspects are still to move around

The viewer also searches for similar emotions in memories of his own life. And if his knowledge allows it he too will enter the game of photographic references. Because the creator Consumer Lead moves in two search areas. To the one that has to do with his life and the world and to the one that has to do with the art he serves. Each photograph is a statement about how its creator sees the world and at the same time about how he sees Photography. His place in photographic history humble as it may be is part of the challenge. So in the photo apart from what he loved or hated in his life. The Photographic Circle deals with art without renouncing material pleasures. That’s why Fotochoros was once renamed Potochoros by some.

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