Homepage articles seo a year-end review – wow you made 2015 an amazing year! A year-end review . Wow, you made 2015 an amazing year! Posted -revision wow, 2015 flew by. It’s amazing how quickly the years go by…And yet all you can accomplish in those 12 months when .You pull yourself together, focus on your “Big pumpkins” and have a mission that means something for .You and your customers. I thought it would be pretty cool to Media Directors Email Lists do a quick review of some of .The cool things that you…our carrot community and we…carrot the company have been able to .Accomplish together this year.

Carrot Members Smash It With Tracks

software, training and support. So what happened in 2015? Let’s dive into some cool stuff in this quick post! Carrot members smash it with tracks! You were a force to be reckoned with in 2015. With over 20,000 leads per month (when you count phone calls which we can’t track in Google Analytics right now) , you attract more PPC, SEO and social media online leads as a collective group than any other lead generation platform for real estate investors by far. Keep crushing it! We’ll help you get there. lead-carrot 375 “Doses of awesomeness” sent! At Media Directors Email Lists Carrot, getting feedback from our customers is like fuel for us. So much so that we created an internal tool for our team members called

We Helped Your Conversion Rates Improve Even More in

Media Directors Email Lists

awesomeness Over 6,600 live chats olved help tickets! You were busy! And U.S. too ! Our team has been a great help to our Carrot members through the difficult times of 2015. We deal with hundreds of tickets and live chats per week and we are humbled by the Media Directors Email Lists ratings you have given our team during your interactions with us. We work hard to make sure you spend less time working with our software and more time closing deals. Soon you will be introduced to our newest addition to the Carrot Customer Success team in January keep an eye out!

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