Plugin can help you keep your website or the page of your clients protected. An essential issue to avoid unpleasantness and extra work. So, if you create WordPress Websites or intend to do so, this is the online event where you . Can learn directly from the experts of the WordPress community the . Details that will make you make a difference. It is, as you know, a full week where the experts are telling us all the tricks and shedding light on the nooks and crannies of the most widespread CMS on the Internet.

If You Work with Word

Press or just want to start messing around, this is the place to learn it all. Monday: what have we been able to see today We have been able to learn about website security and many other topics today at the start of the SemanaWP online event with . Very Guatemala Phone Numbers interesting and attractive talks. As you know, the program is full of expert . Speakers who will talk to us about different topics related to WordPress. To begin with, and as the start of this first day of an intense week for the users of this CMS, we have been able to enjoy a historical tour of the different advances that have been taking place in the industry and, specifically, in the different versions of WordPress.

As Time Has Passed Since

He began his journey in What is WordPressby Rafa Poveda. It is an entertaining journey that, for those who have not followed the evolution in the first person, can serve to understand how we have reached the current state in which . WordPress finds itself. To continue, Álvaro Gómez at, that stranger , discovers for those who don’t know “the other side”, the alternative to . This is . Álvaro tells us about the fundamental differences between the two and suggests the .com version as an entry point to . for new users.

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