Carousels distract and distract your website visitors, diverting their attention from what they should really be focusing on: conversion! Your website is slow If a website takes more than four seconds to fully load, it’s too slow. Google found that 70 percent of the websites it surveye took seven seconds or longer to load. They also found that the slower the site, the more likely the user is to leave the website. Google also state that 3 seconds should be the average loading spee for websites who want to keep their visitors on the website. The situation is further complicate by the fact that page spee can significantly affect your website’s search engine rankings. Google evaluates page spee in the page ranking of the index.

The asynchronous code starts

Google uses a few different metrics to evaluate site spee, including: Time to first byte . When you enter a URL in your browser, the server is aske for an HTML document at that URL. The faster the response time, the more likely it is that the rest of the page will load quickly. Visual completeness. The website has finishe loading, is fully visible and is fully available to Latest Mailing Database visitors., but there is still a lot of additional information in the background. For load times, this is actually a more accurate reference to complete. Fully charge. loading data after the site is completely unloade. This asynchronous code doesn’t actually prevent users from using the site, so it’s not considere part of the website’s load time.

Latest Mailing Database

The document is ready

Number of file requests. When you load a web page, your browser loads JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Loading many small files will reuce page load times. Slow server response time If you’ve optimize all the pages on your website for spee, but your server Consumer Lead response time is slow, your web design is still slow. Slow server response times usually indicate that the problem is on the server side. Google strongly recommends reucing your server response time to 200 milliseconds or less.

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