In the case of telmex and its infinitum service, customer service continues to appear in .The countless complaints filed for a massive failure. Brands must have a response strategy when .These situations occur, so as not to see their image affected by. Consumers due to the late response that their failures may have. However, in the China Business Fax List case of telmex and its infinitum service . This has not been reflected so far in said medium. Since customer service continues to. Appear in the countless complaints filed by twitter users about. A massive failure that takes almost a hour (so far) in some cases.

In the Case of Telmex and Its Infinitum Service, Customer

Such is the desperation of the users, given the inactivity of the telecommunications company. That they have even tried the advice of the. Twitter users, especially that of the user @hanzuresg. The tweeter advises entering the China Business Fax List internet protocols section. Changing the two dns boxes for the following numbers. 8888 / 8844, which are from google and that’s it. 00:05 / 00:15 00:05 / 00:15 00:11 / 00:15 this is a possible solution as they have replied that it does work. In figures.

This Has Not Been Reflected So Far in Said Medium, Since

China Business Fax List

The Infinitum trend refers precisely to the service failure and has placed the brand among the main topics in the 280-character social network, with 3 million 965 thousand 148 impressions, in 2 million 300 thousand 75 accounts, according to China Business Fax List figures from the specialized site Tweet Reach . It is worth mentioning that until last year, Telmex held 63.8 percent of the broadband market in the country with a total of 8.48 million users.

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