SEO is getting more competitive every day – unfortunately, typing in a few keywords is no longer enough to get your website noticed. Understanding SEO has become a crucial tool for the success of your website and your brand. While there are plenty of resources covering the basics of SEO, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of its more nuanced concepts in order to make your web pages stand out. Today we are going to dive into the subject of link building, one of the Bahamas Phone Number List fundamentals of advanced SEO knowledge that will take your website to the next level.

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Link indexing Although one of the most complicated concepts in SEO, link indexing is one of the most important to understand. Knowing how indexing plays a role in your website’s search engine ranking will allow you to alter the attention you give to certain web pages in an effort to place them on the SERP. What is Link Indexing? Link indexing is the process used by search engines to store and organize the information found on the various pages of Bahamas Phone Number your website. When a search engine decides that your website provides useful content, it adds that content to its index. Generally, website designers and owners care most about indexing on Google because of its high user base and amount of information in its index. In total, Google’s search index contains hundreds of billions of web pages.

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For every word or phrase on a web page, there is an entry in the index. For example, the phrase “SEO Secrets” has its entry in the Google index. Every page that uses this phrase will be store under this entry. Google then uses its algorithm to determine which of these entries will be most useful to people searching for that term. The first 10 results appear on Bahamas Phone Number List what is calle the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Indexation Vs. Rampant A search engine cannot index your site if it is not aware of its existence. This is where crawling comes in. Crawl describes the process of following links from one page to new pages, then following links from those pages to new pages.

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