Your message is much more personal, which makes you more connect with your target group. Also realize that as an alderman or minister you are just a human being of flesh and blood, who does not know everything and who makes mistakes. We recently saw that Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge were accus of not daring enough to be self-critical. Admitting mistakes turn out to be very difficult. Rutte admits mistakes Source: ANP. Suddenly we saw that there was room for self-reflection in the press conferences. Not that confidence in government policy immiately skyrocket, but there was more understanding of the difficult position in which they have been operating for the past two years.

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Convert your intentions into concrete goals via social mia Are these tips open doors for you? Beautiful! Then you are already half way. Then it is now important to check whether you actually apply them. Where can you still gain ground? What can you do differently this year? Don’t stop at Argentina Phone Number good intentions, but convert them into concrete and achievable goals. Good luck! The homework advice is a thing of the past. Finally! Working remotely is no longer necessary, so we can return to the office en masse. Or will we all go hybrid? Probably the latter. And realistically speaking: at least for the next months. But are employees allow to make their own preferences the guiding principle or do you, as an organization, have to make choices.

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What pitfalls are there? And how do we actually approach this hybrid approach? Hybrid working… but how? It should be clear that hybrid working is becoming the new Consumer Lead modus operandi for the vast majority of organizations. After all, going all the way back to the office is no longer an option. Many organizations no longer want that, for example to save square meters (and therefore costs). But many employees no longer want it , because they have experience the disadvantages, but also the advantages of working from home Photo of person at desk.

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