At Rolls Royce the British prestigious car brand, the customer is king. Anyone who finds a ‘normal’ Rolls Royce too ordinary can indulge themselves in the Bespoke department. In this department, cars are completely decorat according to the wishes of the customer, where no wish is too crazy. About % of the cars sold go through the Bespoke department, which gives Rolls Royce a nice extra income stream. Decoy Pricing The phenomenon whereby, when choosing between two alternatives, there is a greater consumer preference for one of these two options, as a result of adding a third bait option. Advantages: Can be a powerful tool to influence customer choice.

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Can be a powerful means of maximizing profit. Decoy pricing can help customers make a decision faster and easier. Challenges: Counterproductive effect if the customer realizes that decoy pricing is being appli. Example decoy pricing: Armani – the secret strategy to boost T-shirt sales decoy Dominican Republic Phone Number pricing When you enter an Armani store, you notice that T-shirts are sold for  . Near the T-shirt is another $ T-shirt just behind a  pair of pants. The t-shirt now seems like a good deal, it’s an Armani t-shirt after all. Armani knows that few people are going to buy the $ T-shirt. However, this lure option makes the $ T-shirt a more attractive option for the majority of customers. Forc Scarcity Forc scarcity is about releasing products in a limit ition. Demand often exces supply.

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In some cases, not every interest party can buy the product, but the buyers must meet certain conditions. Advantages: A limit quote can make the offer more Consumer Lead valuable to customers. In many cases, a company can charge a higher price for a limit supply. It can trigger customers to make a purchase faster. It can contribute to strengthening the brand. The regular release of limit itions can make customers curious, so that they regularly keep an eye on the offer. This in turn can lead to various commercial opportunities. Challenges: To successfully apply forc scarcity, a company often nes to have a large group of fans.

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