71 percent of Mexicans feel exposed to various risks online and marketing will . Be one of the industries that will suffer in this regard. According to the 2017 digital. Civility index signed by microsoft, 71 percent of mexican .Users feel exposed to various online risks when they browse the. Internet, among which harassment. cyberbullying deception and fraud stand out . According to the document Mexico is unique in 15th place among the 23 countries with the .Highest exposure to the internet, a fact that becomes more relevant. If we consider that 54 percent of users fear making contact with .Unknown people without their knowledge, 33 percent percent affirm .That there is a high risk of receiving sexual content .Without having been requested and 24 percent affirm that they are victims of “Trolling .

According to the 2017 Digital Civility Index Signed by

13 percent say their reputation has been damaged. The above figures express a reality that both brands and their. Strategic teams will have to consider. When designing strategies in the digital field. Consumers understand. How vulnerable they can be online; the privacy and security .Of your information will be the Buy Iran WhatsApp Numbers new assets to take care of. Which in terms of hierarchy will remain below the prominence. Scope and influence that open spaces such as social networks imply. With this in mind, it is possible to affirm that.

According to the Document, Mexico Is Unique in 15th Place

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After a decade of implementing efforts to understand and capitalize .On windows of maximum social exposure such as facebook or twitter. Strategic marketing teams will have to start exploring channels .That promise greater privacy and information control such as whatsapp or messenger. The change of habits is clear. An investigation by the pew research center carried .Out in the united states revealed that 49 percent of .Smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 29 use messaging applications such as.

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