Take a look at any company and the first thing you notice is what? The graphics, right? Whether it’s an ad, social media GIF post, brochure, flyer, etc. A picture is usually worth a thousand words but in this case it is worth at least 58 graphic design terms.These 58 graphic design terms will help you navigate the world of graphic design with ease. Knowing which terms have what meaning and how they will apply to digital images in your marketing campaign is essential for any business. With so many graphic design terms, it can Banner Design all get a bit chaotic, which is why I decided to separate them into four categories to make it a bit easier to navigate: color, design, type, and branding.Graphic design terms related to: ColorLet’s start with the first thing that catches our eye, color.

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As mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, 10 Creative Graphic Design Tips for Social Media, we mentioned the importance of color in a social media campaign. Now let’s see what terms mean what and why it’s important for your digital marketing campaign!1. is the perfect color model for your print products. CMYK is a 4-color printing process consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These colors work best on Banner Design printed objects. Have you ever wondered why you choose a nice color on screen only to print it in a shade other than what is shown on screen? Chances are you chose the wrong color format, luckily now you know the difference!2. RGBWhen dealing with anything digital, RGB is the color format you should aim for. RGB stands for red, green and blue.

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Tint Is the Addition of White Into Banner Design Service

Tint is the addition of white into a pure color.6. ToneTone is known as the addition of gray in a pure color.color theory7. SaturationTake a second to think about all the bright and colorful images you see on websites or social media platforms. The designer behind this image probably saturated the image to make it more appealing to the eyes. Saturation is the intensity and vividness of a color.8.

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