Imagine that cyber pirates have seized your business’s online identity. They now have control over your USA Phone Number public communication channels, including your website and social media platforms. This deliberate takeover is brandjacking. It’s the act of assuming the online identity of a brand with the intention of ruining the company’s reputation. Brandjacking negatively affects your credibility. Even though actions occur under false pretenses, your business may lose loyal customers and suffer financial damage. But here’s the good news, you can take preventative measures to stop brandjacking.

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Below are five ways to protect your business. 1. Monitor Your Social Media Channels Social media is how most brands directly communicate with their customers. That’s why it’s vital that you secure accounts on USA Phone Number all social networks. However, just registering your accounts isn’t enough. Even if you choose to stay inactive, it’s crucial to perform social listening. According to PR Week, global food giant Heinz fell victim to a Twitter user who started tweeting in the brand’s name. The messages ranged from sell pitches to buy Heinz products to personal political opinions. By monitoring social media mentions, you can get notified of any suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.

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The sooner you find out, the faster you can take action to rectify the situation. Experts recommend investing in a social listening tool. Then your team will have access to all the conversations about your brand on every platform. Key Takeaways Create accounts on all social media platforms. Use social listening tools to USA Phone Number monitor your accounts. 2. Invest in Security Companies exist in a new era where hacking poses a threat for brands as well as their customers. It’s time to make security a business priority. Never keep the same password for all your accounts. In fact, such a practice can pose a major danger to your security. Because if hackers crack one of your passwords, the rest of the accounts also will get compromised.

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