In the case of the mexican market, the impact of an online attack can cost the. Economy between 3 and 5 billion pesos. Cyber ​​threats and crimes have become a large-scale problem .For companies and all types of users around the world. An increasingly connected environment seems. To increase the chances of suffering a .Cyber attack a situation that has significant impacts on the economy. In general terms, cybercrime costs the world economy .445 billion dollars a year, according to a study delivered by ibm mexico. This means that each event that breaches the security .Of a digital record has an average value of $141. In the case of the mexican market the. Impact of this type of incident can cost the economy .Between 3 and 5 billion pesos. According to estimates by the national .

Even When the Content Is Downloaded From the Network or

Phishing is the most common type of crime (41 percent) followed by the use of. System vulnerabilities, incitement to escape at the point . Of sale and the installation buy list of architects of malware. According to the results of a survey conducted by v. U. Labs. With this in mind we share five useful .Tips published by microsoft to avoid an .Online attack that puts data security and user integrity at risk. Think before you publish even when the content is. Download from the network or delete by the user .Themselves, everything that is publish in spaces such as social .Networks or blogs is. Permanently available to the rest of the people.

When for Some Reason It Is Necessary to Consult Profiles or Email

buy list of architects

In this same sense. It is important to develop a greater sense of .Responsibility, especially when sharing data or materials that may involve .Third parties. Log out and keep track of your accounts: when for. Some reason it is necessary to consult profiles or email accounts . On devices that are not your own making sure to log out of the sessions that were open is. Essential to prevent information theft. It is recommended to do this type of queries in .Incognito mode to prevent the terminals from saving the access passwords. Various platforms have features that sheath notifications. When logged in on an unidentified or unusual device making use of these tools.

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