Share five keys dictated by the world economic forum .To capitalize on the opportunities offered .By the fourth industrial revolution. The president and founder of the world economic forum. Klaus Schwab, defined the term “Fourth industrial revolution” as .A change characterized by “A fusion of technologies. That blurs the lines between the physical, digital. And biological spheres”, a scenario that he .Proposes for companies and leaders of the business sector new .Challenges and opportunities. Technological innovations are changing the. Way in which we communicate and. Relate to the context that surrounds us, a situation that is .Not unrelated to the processes of generating new businesses.

We Share Five Keys Dictated by the World Economic

The truth is that coming to fruition in this sense is complex if we consider the. Speed with which technological advances move. Global estimates on the Buy Germany WhatsApp Numbers digital coefficient of .Companies published by pwc indicate that organizations globally. Reach an average degree of digitalization located .At 77.2 points on a scale of 100. In the case of latin America, according to the. Findings of the center for digital transformation . Percent of companies have some .Digital strategy, their average level to implement them effectively. Barely reaches 46 percent . 50 percent of business .Leaders say that digital initiatives within their .Business models operate in isolation, rather than

Forum to Capitalize on the Opportunities Offered by the

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Within a list of 100, in the ranking of countries best prepared to benefit .From digitalization thanks to the adoption technological. In this line, we share five keys dictated .By the world economic forum to capitalize on the opportunities offered .By the fourth industrial revolution. Transform processes with technological assets . It is necessary to invest in tools and resources that .Optimize processes. Necessary and adequate technological and digital resources to .Meet the business objectives of each organization is crucial for success. Explore.

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