Having people who defend a brand in person or on various digital platforms is one of .The most beneficial aspects for brands. Brand advocacy plays a role in influencing consumer decision making. According to rob ruggetta, author of the VP HR Email Lists book “brand advocates”. Its influence is 50 percent greater compared to any other client. Nowadays. Thanks to the digital world, brands have a good advantage because it is easier to identify or create them. According to an analysis released by staples promotional products. 90 percent of purchases are influenced by social media while 67 percent of shoppers spend more money after seeing a positive online review. Therefore.

Having People Who Defend a Brand in Person or on Various

It is key for brands to be able to count on them to boost their marketing strategies and that .Is why it is advisable to follow the following 3 recommendations: offer branded entertainment .The idea is to create materials that, in addition to VP HR Email Lists offering information about the company or .The product, also add value through entertainment. It is even better to give priority to the entertainment part before. The promotion part, the brand must be present all the time but it must not. Be the main component. Generate exclusive content for brand advocates, having a certain exclusivity is an important aspect.

For Brand Advocates Having a Certain Exclusivity Is an

VP HR Email Lists

The exclusive content can be from a special membership. A discount, priority access or any other type of element that brings the. Consumer closer to the brand in a unique and even personalized sense. Promote user-generated content a brand advocate does not hesitate to show it .Off with his social circle and other people. For this reason, it is advisable to provide them with a space where they can share the content they generate in support of a brand. To VP HR Email Lists continue interacting in a positive way through the generation of content that little by little will strengthen their bond with. A brand. Brand advocates can be a good boost for marketing strategies, so it is advisable to consider the previous recommendations to generate and maintain them.

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