Over the past decade, businesses have focused on improving their web presence. And engagement as the internet has become essential to Risk Managers Email List consumers. The priority is to improve in the field of optimization for search engines.

During the last decade, companies have

According to business2community, the first 5 results in google searches get 75 percent of traffic from users. Additionally, a custora study shows that the largest amount of traffic .To a website is organic, with 21 percent changing from 2017. Data from statista indicate that during 2017 revenue from digital advertising reached 204 thousand 802 million dollars, and under that total. It means that brands seek to improve their positioning with this type of guideline. In the Risk Managers Email List foreground in .An organic way and projecting secondly to social networks. Three christmas jobs that will surprise you according to moz, these are the most important predictions for seo this year.

This becomes more relevant when they are presented 

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In the US, voice search will account for more than 25 percent of all Googl searches, in the US PC traffic volume will remain almost flat and devices will grow. Google will continue to be the highest traffic referral for websites (maintains 70 percent). Neither Facebook nor any other source or platform will make relevant competition.  Google will offer paid search ads in featured snippets, knowledge graph and carousels, according to the movement of users digitally.

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