59 percent of transnational brands, operating around the world. Increased their investments for influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is one of .The strategies most used by brands with users who are less and less receptive .To Venezuela B2B List traditional advertising formats within the digital realm. This phenomenon is clear and visible. The technology, media and telecommunications predictions report. Delivered by deloitte, reveals that 10 percent .Of users use more than four ad blocking systems to .Avoid encountering any type of advertisement while browsing online. In fact, the document indicates that three quarters of. Internet users do at least one thing to avoid seeing ads.Where they even pay subscription fees to tools that meet this purpose. Against the background that the previous figures draw. The use of influencers within communication strategies has. Become a constant among brands. From burst media they. Report that during 2017, 59 percent of transnational brands.

59 Percent of Transnational Brands, Operating

Which operate throughout the world, increased their investments for influencer marketing campaigns. The growth of discipline within advertisers’ investments is evident. However, we are talking about a field of action that still has many gaps to Venezuela B2B List close. Where one of the clearest is to identify .The right influencer based on the needs of the brands. Facebook revealed that until last september it .Registered more than 1.3 billion users on the platform, of which 270 million .Were duplicate or false profiles. This complex task becomes. Even more complicated if we consider the phenomenon of the purchase of. Followers and likes by some influencers, who. In order to remain an option in the eyes of companies.

This Complex Task Becomes Even More Complicated if We

Venezuela B2B List

choose to pay to maintain their base of followers. at high levels. However, for brands this is a serious problem. The true success of an influence strategy is not concentrated in the scope, but in the ability of the collaborators to Venezuela B2B List build communities that favor the business interests. In other words, it is about directing communication to those users who represent true value for the brand, so the number of followers is a metric that loses strength and prominence. In this sense, we share three tools with which brands and their strategic teams can define whether the influencers they work with have a follower base that provides real value or is the product of buying followers.

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