Before changing the algorithm change, there are functions that allow users .To personalize the news feed with their true interests. The changes in the facebook algorithm will give a. New look to the walls of its users, favoring the. Content published by their friends and contacts over those published by brands. Media or other verified pages that they follow. Although in. Principle the change promises to improve the experience of subscribers to the platform. The Western Sahara B2B List truth is that the new rules could play in the opposite direction. If we consider that an important part of the “Friends” who registered profile. In reality they are not. That is to say, an important part of .The base of followers and followed that has an account in mark zuckerberg’s  .Social network can be considered as

The Changes in the Facebook Algorithm Will Give a

Facebook had 2.1 billion contacts worldwide and is the second largest web. Traffic generating platform in the world, only behind google. According to figures from statista.  By robin dunbar, anthropologist and professor of evolutionary psychology. Which after analyzing the behavior of 117 accounts of people between the Western Sahara B2B List ages .18 and 63 with an average of 150 contacts, determined that only 27.6 percent of this total .Were considered genuine friendships that generate interest. In fact. The conclusions of this exercise found that the circle of contacts (again taking a total .Of 150 as an average) with which users really empathize reaches only 15 profiles , while when we talk about. The segment that arouses real interest and attention.  Under this premise.

The function that was announced in mid-December last

Western Sahara B2B List

Considering the recent changes, there are some features and tools that users can use. To successfully align their news feeds with their true interests. To permanently delete or block their profile. Activating it is as simple as. Clicking on the Western Sahara B2B List option of the three points in any publication of.  If the intention is. To silence the contact for less than 30 days. Simply search for the contact and click on the “end snooze” option at the top of the profile.

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