Recently, facebook, the king of social networks.Announced a change in its algorithm to try to benefit the user and their interaction. This action changed the panorama of content strategies by brands. Since regardless of the material made or the theme. It could be overwhelming in its visualization towards users. Although there are some ways in which you can continue to .See the content of the companies and their pages. A clear fact is that the same situation proposes a. Different perspective for professionals and content creators. Giving rise to quality and following the maxim in. Which quantity is better, presenting value to the consumer and developing a. System to intervene in the conversation of users. Is a possible reality. Digital marketing has taken a greater share and mark zuckerberg knows it. Statista indicates that companies have an estimated investment of 306 billion dollars in this segment.

Although There Are Some Ways in Which You Can

IDATE indicates that by 2019, the value of the social media market will reach a budget of 48 billion dollars. In this way, it is more than a priority for brands to improve their development in social media, especially in the most used platforms. But if the change in the algorithm worries you to act, there is no ‘extraordinary’ reason to panic. Mosseri, the head of News Feed for Facebook, explained that this means promoting posts that are more likely to Buy Russia WhatsApp Numbers spark real conversations between people. 00:05 / 00:15 00:09 / 00:15 It seemed like what little organic reach they still had for their fans would now be close to zero. According to some social media marketing experts, the algorithm changes announced by Facebook do not have many variations from how it was handled before These are the reasons.

Digital Marketing Has Taken a Greater Share and Mark Zuckerberg

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Popular pages will continue to dominate. Pages that have been able to generate massive engagement have always outperformed the stats and will still do so under the new change. That is, those pages with more than 2 or 3 million followers will continue in the news feed. Sure, as long as they have real followers…The content that is not seen is because it does not add value . It’s been true on Facebook for a long time that content that doesn’t cause engagement doesn’t get played. So this is really not new. What brands do has to matter to the audience; Facebook is just remembering it. Despite the above, there are some things that will have to be done.

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