Of course, we’ve all known for some time that Carrot is growing rapidly (I think we’ve hired 4-5 people in the last 6 months, which makes us a team of 20). But for the most part, we work, plan new projects, and have fun while we do it. Finding out that we’re one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in the United States is like shooting hoops every day Qatar Phone Number List at the local gym and finding out five years later that you’re one of the best. free throwers in the country… You were just doing it because you enjoy it, but somewhere along the way you became one of the best. Really? Why? What did we do differently? Well, we’ve put together a list Qatar Phone Number List of 10 of our most deeply held beliefs as a company that have helped make it onto the Inc. 5000 list. our success and could guide yours as well.

Dreaming Big Is More Important

Culture is more important than growth Carrot Retreat 2018 Why do people get out of bed every day? Why are they going to work? What determines their hard work, their productivity, or the quality of that work? At Carrot, we believe people work harder and better when they love what they do and who they work with. Each member of the Carrot team Qatar Phone Number has been chosen because of their passion for life – creating a culture that puts themselves first above all else. The wonderful thing about a culture-driven business, however, is that growth naturally follows. When people love what they do and have genuine relationships with their colleagues, they work harder and stay longer.

Is More Important Than Saving Your Own Time

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Honesty is more important than sales Carrot Camp 2018 While we believe passionately that Carrot is suitable for the vast majority of investors Qatar Phone Number List and real estate agents nationwide, we also understand that Carrot is not suitable for everyone. Some investors and agents have found success elsewhere – through a competitor or a private web development company – and more power for them! We provide service, we do our best,

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